Friday, July 21, 2006 relaunched! has just been relaunched with a new structure and a new look.
  • The biggest change is that the contents of the Catalog of Contemporary Traditionalism are now available directly, without having to interrogate a database that was often not available for techncal reasons. Access to the database is still possible (if it is working!) via a Custom Search option.
  • I would like to thank William Jon Hummel, my student assistant at AUC during Spring 2006, for all the effort and dedication he has put in to the new site, and also for updating the Catalog.
  • This is the third incarnation of, which was first launched in June 2000. Or perhaps it is the fourth--the site started by accident when a paper I gave at a conference in Oslo in August 1998 was put on the web by the conference organizers, and I found that people were using the appendix to that paper as an internet guide to Traditionalism. That made me think that a proper site was needed, and gave rise to The paper is still there, but a lot of other things have changed since 1998.

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