Sunday, April 26, 2015

Major new French collection on Guénon

Just out: a new French collection edited by Philippe Faure, René Guénon. L'appel de la sagesse primordiale (Paris: Le Cerf, 34 €, ISBN 9782204098892). That is, René Guénon: The Call of Primordial Wisdom.

This collection brings together all the leading French specialists on Guénon, generally academics, some engaged and some less engaged. It promises to be a major work.

The table of contents, in translation, is:
  • Xavier Accart, "The reception of the work of René Guénon by the literary and intellectual circles of his time."
  •  Patrick Laude, "Traditional Sources and contemporary contexts."
  •  Jean-Pierre Laurant, "The Guénon/Coomaraswamy correspondence or reciprocal exchange." 
  • Matthias Korger, "The picture of René Guénon in the writings of Leopold Ziegler and André Préau."
  • Jean Moncelon, "René Guénon and Louis Massignon: The calls of the Orient." 
  • Jean-Louis Gabin, "René Guénon and Alain Daniélou: A witness and his parody."
  • Jean-Marc Vivenza, "René Guénon and metaphysical knowledge."
  • Jean Borella, "René Guénon and philosophical 'error.'"
  • Philippe Faure, "René Guénon and the Bible: The way of symbols."
  • Paul B. Fenton, "René Guénon and Judaism."
  • Jean-Pierre Brach, "Christianity and 'primordial tradition' in the articles of René Guénon for the Catholic magazine Regnabit."
  • Paolo Urizzi, "The presence of Sufism in the work of René Guénon."
  • Patrick Ringgenberg, "Primordial tradition and universalism according to Frithjof Schuon and perennialism."
  • Jérôme Rousse-Lacordaire, "Traditional thought and Christian theology of religions." 
  • Luc Nefontaine, "Hate and/or veneration? Ambivalence of the image of René Guénon in Freemasonry today." 
  • Seyyed Hossein Nasr, "The influence of René Guénon in the Islamic world."
  • Bruno Pinchard, "The spatial symbolism of René Guénon and its mathematics." 
  • Éric Phalippou, "Ethnology from within: A 'semi-secular' discipline?"
  • JacquesViret, "Music and Tradition: The traditional perspective in musicology and ethnomusicology."

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Traditionalists blog passes 250,000 page views

After almost nine years of existence, this blog has  passed 250,000 page views. It was started in June 2006 to make available additions to my book Against the Modern World, and has since become a general source of information on the topic of Tradiitonalism and the Traditionalists. This topic, as the number of page views shows, is one that many people find of interest.

The stats report that 45% of these 250,000 page views were by users in the US, UK and Canada, mostly in the US, as the map indicates. This is not surprising for an English-language blog.

The next seven countries, in order, have been France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Ukraine, and Italy. It is hardly surprising to find France and Italy on the list, given the national origins of René Guénon and Julius Evola, or to find Russia and Ukraine on it, given the prominence there of Traditionalism and of Alexander Dugin. The prominence of Germany and Sweden is unexpected, however, as is the prominence of Brazil. The current state of Traditionalism in those countries evidently deserves investigation.