Sunday, April 26, 2015

Major new French collection on Guénon

Just out: a new French collection edited by Philippe Faure, René Guénon. L'appel de la sagesse primordiale (Paris: Le Cerf, 34 €, ISBN 9782204098892). That is, René Guénon: The Call of Primordial Wisdom.

This collection brings together all the leading French specialists on Guénon, generally academics, some engaged and some less engaged. It promises to be a major work.

The table of contents, in translation, is:
  • Xavier Accart, "The reception of the work of René Guénon by the literary and intellectual circles of his time."
  •  Patrick Laude, "Traditional Sources and contemporary contexts."
  •  Jean-Pierre Laurant, "The Guénon/Coomaraswamy correspondence or reciprocal exchange." 
  • Matthias Korger, "The picture of René Guénon in the writings of Leopold Ziegler and André Préau."
  • Jean Moncelon, "René Guénon and Louis Massignon: The calls of the Orient." 
  • Jean-Louis Gabin, "René Guénon and Alain Daniélou: A witness and his parody."
  • Jean-Marc Vivenza, "René Guénon and metaphysical knowledge."
  • Jean Borella, "René Guénon and philosophical 'error.'"
  • Philippe Faure, "René Guénon and the Bible: The way of symbols."
  • Paul B. Fenton, "René Guénon and Judaism."
  • Jean-Pierre Brach, "Christianity and 'primordial tradition' in the articles of René Guénon for the Catholic magazine Regnabit."
  • Paolo Urizzi, "The presence of Sufism in the work of René Guénon."
  • Patrick Ringgenberg, "Primordial tradition and universalism according to Frithjof Schuon and perennialism."
  • Jérôme Rousse-Lacordaire, "Traditional thought and Christian theology of religions." 
  • Luc Nefontaine, "Hate and/or veneration? Ambivalence of the image of René Guénon in Freemasonry today." 
  • Seyyed Hossein Nasr, "The influence of René Guénon in the Islamic world."
  • Bruno Pinchard, "The spatial symbolism of René Guénon and its mathematics." 
  • Éric Phalippou, "Ethnology from within: A 'semi-secular' discipline?"
  • JacquesViret, "Music and Tradition: The traditional perspective in musicology and ethnomusicology."

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