Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch a lecture on Guénon direct from Moscow

The miracle of the modern internet allows us to watch a lecture on "A Very Short Life of René Guénon" given by Oleg Fomin at the School for Young Traditionalists in Moscow. Even if you don't understand Russian, you can at least see what Dugin's (neo-?)Traditionalists look like:

This is, of course, under the auspices of Alexander Dugin. There are several new-ish websites to look at, too--all in Russian so far.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Center at Moscow State University

Alexander Dugin has a new job, as a professor of sociology and head of a new Center for the Study of Conservatism at Moscow State University.

Andreas Umland quoted Dugin in his inaugural lecture as comparing his potential role to that of the Neo-Conservatives in the US--providing an intellectual analysis that had a real impact on policy, and so on the world. "Conservatism," commented Umland, is a "smokescreen" for ideas that are in fact revolutionary. The same might be said of the American Neo-Cons. At Moscow State University, "conservatism" will presumably prove to be Dugin's own form of Traditionalism.

Dugin's new position and Center will not just provide a new and improved platform for advancing his views on geopolitics and Russia's international relations, which are now well known. It will also--and perhaps more importantly--provide an improved and more mainstream forum for transmitting their intellectual and Traditionalist basis.