Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Center at Moscow State University

Alexander Dugin has a new job, as a professor of sociology and head of a new Center for the Study of Conservatism at Moscow State University.

Andreas Umland quoted Dugin in his inaugural lecture as comparing his potential role to that of the Neo-Conservatives in the US--providing an intellectual analysis that had a real impact on policy, and so on the world. "Conservatism," commented Umland, is a "smokescreen" for ideas that are in fact revolutionary. The same might be said of the American Neo-Cons. At Moscow State University, "conservatism" will presumably prove to be Dugin's own form of Traditionalism.

Dugin's new position and Center will not just provide a new and improved platform for advancing his views on geopolitics and Russia's international relations, which are now well known. It will also--and perhaps more importantly--provide an improved and more mainstream forum for transmitting their intellectual and Traditionalist basis.

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