Friday, March 20, 2009

Evola becoming mainstream in Italy?

A recent article in La Repubblica wonders whether Evola is becoming mainstream (Alessandra Longo, "Per il trasloco An aggiorna la libreria accanto a Evola anche Whitman e Vasco," 19 March 2009).

The main reason for wondering this is the references to Evola in Ffwebmagazine, published by the Fondazione Farefuturo, which is run by Gianfranco Fini, president of Italy's Chamber of Deputies and a former minister of foreign affairs under Silvio Berlusconi, pictured here with his then American counterpart. Fini leads the Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance), a major political party generally described as "post-fascist" (it has its roots in the MSI of Giorgio Almirante).

Perhaps Evola is becoming mainstream. Or perhaps the mainstream is shifting? This is what happened in Russia.

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Massimo said...

I think you've misunderstood the article. The article just points out one of the subsequent steps that a part of the italian right is taking in order to become "mainstream". One fo this step is to renew the cultural heritage of the Right, thus adding some typical leftist icons like the pop singer Vasco Rossi to more traditional icons like J. Evola.
Buy the way AN doesn't exist any more after is merging with Silvio Berlusconi's party. Last but not least Gianfranco Fini is not any longer foreign minister, but chairman of the italian parlament.