Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two papers on Traditionalism at the AAR

Two papers coming up this weekend at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, in Washington, DC:

  • "Hanifi Traditionalism: An Alternative to Salafism in Chechnya." Session A18-30 (Contemporary Islam Consultation), Saturday - 9:00 am-11:30 am.
  • "Alexander Dugin’s Apocalyptic Traditionalism." Session A19-26 (New Religious Movements Group), Sunday - 9:00 am-11:30 am

Both papers to be given by Mark Sedgwick.


Abdul-Halim V. said...

Is your paper available online somewhere? Or perhaps by e-mail. I'm most attracted to the Hanafi school myself and would be interested in learning more about what is going on among contemporary Hanafi scholars and thinkers.

Mark Sedgwick said...

The paper isn't available at present, I'm afraid, but if I get time I'll revise it for publication, and if it is published I'll mention it on this blog.

Actually, though, the paper deals with Hanifism, not Hanafism. The reference is not to the madhhab but to the Hanif, normally defined as those who, like Abraham, followed the true worship of the One God before Islam, rather than following the distorted Jewish and Christian versions of that worship.

Abdul-Halim V. said...

oh wow... even more interesting. I've often wondered about them.