Saturday, January 06, 2007

The death of Rudolf von Sebottendorff

The following was peviously posted on the old addenda page.

Although the Turkish authorities reported that "von Sebottendorff's body was found floating in the Bosporus" in 1945, this may not have been true. There is now evidence (which still needs to be checked) that von Sebottendorff remained alive after 1945, and was protected by Turkish intelligence (for whom he then worked) against anyone who might have been interested in him because of the role he had played in the origins of the Nazi Party. According to this version, von Sebottendorff moved back to Egypt, where he died in the 1950s. My thanks to Dr Thierry Zarcone for this.

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Anonymous said...

There are rumours that he and the founder of the turkish newspaper Aydinlik, Dr. Şefik Hüsnü (also the head of the Turkish Communist Party)are the same person..

This is an article in turkish. Unfortunately i have no time to translate it..