Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Russian text archive

A new Russian website with some useful text archives (if you want to read in Russian), which also reminds us that there are Russian Traditionalists other than those who follow Dugin. The owner of this site, Maxim Trefan, follows Haydar Jamal (see photo), and so the selection of texts is especially interesting.

Pride of place goes to тексты Юлиуса Эволы (that is, texts of Evola). Then there's a large Eliade section. Less usual Traditionalist authors include Haydar Jamal (of course), Eliade, and Nukhaev (one text only). Savitri Devi also features.

The collection of texts on Islam includes Schuon and Nasr, of course, but also some non-Traditionalists, including Henri Corbin and (in English) two academic colleagues of mine, Bernd Radtke and Knut Vikor. However, there is no Guénon (!).

Oddities include David Irving and Gustave Le Bon's The Crowd (1895), a book that was extremely influential in its time and is still quite readable, but which I have never before seen in a Traditionalist context.

There's also a music section, available in English, which gives some of Trefan's own music--which is not metal.

Note: You may have to remind your browser that you want to view text encoded in KOI8-R.

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