Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Eliade esoterico

A recent book on Eliade I have just noticed: Marcello De Martino, Mircea Eliade esoterico. Ion Petr Culianu e i “non detti.” Rome: Edizioni Settimo Sigillo, 2008. 524 pp. €29.50.

To judge from reviews and an interview with the author, De Martino looks into Eliade's early thought. He argues that Eliade first encountered the philosophia perennis through nineteenth-century sources such as Papus before encountering the work of Guénon. He also looks at Eliade's early views on magic, which seem very much  influenced by Evola.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Sedgwick,

I am Marcello De Martino, "Mircea Eliade esoterico"'s author; I am currently at Department of South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania.
I tried with my book to give pieces of evindence that Eliade was deeply and substantially involved in Esotericism, much more than it usually is believed.
A new perspective arose on the Roumanian historian of religions, which many scholars so-called "eliadologists" did not like at all.
I make you acquainted that I quoted your "Against...", too; however, my book probably could be published in Roumanian and English: in this case, it will be available also for non-Italian readers.

Marcello De Martino, PhD