Sunday, June 12, 2011

Traditionalist conference in Moscow

Natella Speranskaya is organizing a major Traditionalist conference in Moscow on 15-16 October 2011, under the title "Actual Problems of Traditionalism." Promised speakers include Claudio Mutti, there will be an art exhibition including the Russian painter Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt, and a conference volume will be published. Planned sessions are:

  • "Tradition vs. Postmodernity"
  •  "Horizons of the new metaphysics and the figure of Radical Self"
  •  "The mission of Julius Evola"
  •  "Traditionalism and esoterism in Islam"
  •  "Traditionalism and the problem of monotheism"
  •  "Primordiality as a problem"
Other topics or interest are desecularization, eschatology (orthodoxy and heterodoxy), neo-spiritualism, the problem of initiation, and "the Reign of post-Quantity."

Proposals in Russian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, or Italian to

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Nexhma Sheera said...

Really interesting conference... I wish I could attend this but it is too far :)