Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Dugin and the Eurasian Union

Charles Clover of London's Financial Times makes a link (FT, October 5) between Alexander Dugin and Vladimir Putin's new Eurasian Union, announced by Putin in an article in Izvestia on October 3. “We have waited for 25 years for these words to be uttered in public by our leadership,” Clover quotes Dugin as saying. “We did help in the preparation [of Putin's article], but, unfortunately, they softened our formulas.”

Actually, any contributions by Dugin to Putin's article seem to have been softened to invisibility. As described in the article, Putin's Eurasian Union sounds very much like a copy of the European Union, without the problems. However, the wind in Moscow  is clearly continuing to blow Dugin's way.

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