Monday, December 10, 2012

Geometric patterns

A forthcoming article in a new architectural journal, Frontiers of Architectural Research (Elsevier), deals comprehensively with Traditionalist approaches to geometric patterns.

This is an established topic among Traditionalists, on which Keith Critchlow, Titus Burckhardt, and--most famously--Nader Ardalan and Laleh Bakhtiar have all written. I do not, however, know of a major recent contribution in this area, so the article, "Geometric proportions: The underlying structure of design process for Islamic geometric patterns," is of interest.

The article is also of interest because its author, Loai Dabbour, is head of Architectural Engineering at Alzaytoonah University in Jordan, a country in which interest in Traditionalism has been noted before.

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Bertrand said...

Hello Mark,
I was wondering whether you were aware of the work of arch/urbanism theoretician Leon Krier, who apparently works closely with Prince Charles, and advocate an anti-modernist neoclassical and vernacular mixture. I don't have his texts but I think we have a candidate here for possible traditionalist influences!