Monday, March 25, 2019

Olavo de Carvalho honored by Steve Bannon and President Bolsonaro

The Financial Times reports a new movie (which its correspondent did not much like) about the Brazilian philosopher and ex-Maryami Olavo de Carvalho. This previewed last week at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC at an event co-hosted by Steve Bannon and attended by Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil.

President Bolsonaro himself did not attend the movie screening, but when he held a dinner for conservatives at the Brazilian embassy during his visit to the US, he placed Carvalho on his right and Bannon on his left. Brazilian Foreign minister Ernesto Araújo sat on the other side of Carvalho.

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Anonymous said...

Here’s an article from a US evangelical conservative website (BarbWire) criticizing Bannon and Carvalho, while attempting to distance them from Trump and Bolsonaro respectively. It might be one of the first examples of an evangelical publication taking note of Traditionalism.

Most evangelicals are not familiar with the Traditionalist School or its influence on the political right, but that could change if more sites like BarbWire pick up on it. Needless to say, Traditionalism is not something most evangelicals would look kindly on, if they knew it existed. We could be looking at a three-way war for the soul of the conservative movement (between evangelicals, Guenonians/Bannonites and libertarians/Koch folks) pretty soon.

Meanwhile the left has its own civil war between SJWs/identity politickers, democratic socialists, and the “Intellectual Dark Web” of Joe Rogan, Sam Harris and Andrew Yang.

Interesting times indeed.