Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Against the Modern World in German

Now available: Against the Modern World in German translation, as Gegen die moderne Welt: Die geheime Geistesgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Published by Matthes & Seitz, Berlin, €38.

The German translation differs from the English original in that it has a new foreword, and an extra chapter on Russia, originally written in 2006 for the Russian translation. The single chapter "Neo-Eurasianism in Russia" in the original English edition became two chapters, "Traditionalism in Russia" and "Neo-Eurasianism."


Anonymous said...

A little bit of an out of context question, but what do you think about using other media to bring more light towards what you call "The Traditionalists", their teachings, views and impact on the world? Perhaps on YouTube, as a guest speaker on certain podcasts and the like?
I've been watching some content from the channel "New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove" whereby he interviews an interesting (but in my opinion, misguided) scholar called Jason Reza Jorjani. It seems to be a mix between deviant new-age conclusions and serious scholarship (then again, only in my eyes as a layman). I believe that scholars interested in Guenon's views and the proponents of Guenon's views ought to talk about these things on such platforms, lest the whole field of "esoteric discussion" be bombarded by all sorts of cranks which will just lead to even increased levels of misunderstanding.
I'm sure that Guenon's interesting views and corrections would draw a lot of interest when presented through media not hampered by "academic reputations" and things of that sort, i.e. where the opinion and potential ostracism of one's peers wouldn't matter that much.
It's shocking that up to date, there is no consistent, serious and even scholarly YouTube podcast exploring this topic. There's clearly a lot of potential to be explored there, what do you think?

Hans van Niekerk, The Netherlands said...

Wonderful idea by anonymous ! Completely agree.
Would like to see a serious YouTube channel discussing the same topic as here on the blog.

By the way, did you see this one coming by Patrick Laude ?