Thursday, November 10, 2022

Dugin removed from Amazon US

If you want to buy a book by the Russian Traditionalist (or post-Traditionalist) Alexander Dugin, do not go to They have vanished, apparently because of US sanctions against Dugin. However, you can still buy Dugin at or

Thanks for this information to Tucker Carlson of Fox News (see photo). Carlson, a prominent "conservative" American journalist, does not approve of the way that "the Biden administration is demanding Amazon censor books they disagree with." For Carlson, "Dugin is one of Russia's most famous authors and political philosophers." The US government has to right to censor books, and is behaving a bit like the Ukrainian government, which murdered Dugin's daughter because "she said the wrong thing." Read more here, and watch the video (spoiler: Carlson cannot pronounce Dugin's name).


Paul Williams said...

So the US bans books by a Russian philosopher. So much for American free speech!

John Morgan said...

This is hardly something new. Amazon dropped Dr. Dugin's books in early 2018 -- which, of course, was during the Trump administration. They cited the US State Department sanctions against him as the reason.

Mark Sedgwick said...

Thanks for that comment (and correction). So I guess what is new is the intervention by Tucker Carlson?

John Morgan said...

Yes, it seems that Tucker just recently became aware of it, and assumed this was something new. It isn't, though. Dr. Dugin has been under US State Department sanctions since March 2015.

That, of course, was the Obama administration. Although Amazon didn't restrict Dr. Dugin's books on its platform until January 2018, which was under Trump.