Sunday, September 10, 2006

Traditionalism in Norway

Norway has never really featured much in the history of Traditionalism (though at least one political organization, Nation & Kultur, is somewhat Traditionalist), but even so there is a definite interest there. I have been invited to Norway next month to speak on Traditionalism as follows:

The emphasis of most of my lectures will be on political Traditionalism, but in Bergen I will talk about Traditionalist Sufism.


David said...

Dear Mr.Sedgewick,

I was wondering why your work has caused so much controversy among traditionalists in America.

Do you recommend any books on traditionalism for beginners?

with best regards

Mark Sedgwick said...

The readings I recommend are at

I think there are two reasons why my work has been controversial among some Traditionalists--although not among all Traditionalists. Some seem to find it interesting and unobjectionable! One reason is that I'm a historian, not a Traditionalist. See "Against The Modern World and Aristotle's Four Causes." The other reason
is that some people probably wish that some of the incidents I discuss in my book had not been discussed. I did my honest best to handle them responsibly, but I think some people would have preferred silence.

Mark Sedgwick said...

Dear Dawood,

I just got your response to my response to your comment. Can we carry on this discussion by email rather than on this blog? My email address is, and if you email me your email address, then I'll reply to you directly.

Best wishes,