Monday, October 09, 2006

Dugin in L'Express

Alexander Dugin gets a mention in the October 4, 2006 L'Express. The mass-circulation French news magazine has a cover story on "Russia: The Spectre of Hate" (Russie : le spectre de la haine). L'Express mentions Dugin as the most notable of "number of ideologues close to power who are searching for a 'national idea.'"

Dugin, of course, found his idea long ago, and it has little to do with either nationalism or hate.

A question: why is the supporter of Dugin's former party (the National Bolsheviks) on the cover of L'Express giving the Nazi salute, not the National Bolshevik salute (which uses the clenched fist)?


Hastur said...

Great to see you got some use out of the magazine!

I don't know about the salute though, I think I've seen Nazbols give similar salutes before, but I can't be sure. And by the way, seen the news about the american nazbols? They've changed names.

- Kristian

Anonymous said...

That doesn't change the fact that many nazbols consider themselves nationalists first and formeost.

Kshatriya said...

It looks to me that this is good Photoshop work (scarf has different texture than girls face) but it can be some nazbol mocking.

Closest to nazbols in US are

Mark Sedgwick said...

Yes, might indeed be Photoshop--though hardly needed when there are so many real photos at What does one make of

Anton Shmakov said...

For kshatriya:

I thinks, these are a bit different things, being closer to classical Revolutionary Consrvatives, while the so called "nazbols" have long ago developped into a left-liberal self-parody.