Sunday, October 29, 2006

Other origins of Russian Traditionalism: The Brotherhood of Tsar Nikolai II

During the late Soviet period, one of the most important Russian ultra-right movements was the Brotherhood of Tsar Nikolai II. Since 1991, three of its main figures have been active on the fringes of Russian Traditionalism. The Brotherhood’s former leader, Alexei Shiropaev, moved through the circles of Alexander Dugin and Edvard Limonov to pro-“Orange” neo-paganism. The Brotherhood’s former chief ideologist, Andrey Shedrin, moved through the apocalyptic Oprichnina Movement to the somewhat Traditionalist Brotherhood of St. Josef of Volotsk. Another former leader of the Brotherhood of Tsar Nikolai II, Vladimir Karpetz, later became a key figure in Alexander Dugin’s Eurasian Union of Youth.

Read “The Brotherhood of Tsar Nikolai II and Russian Traditionalism” by Anton Shmakov.

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