Friday, March 09, 2007

75% of Russians agree with Dugin... at least, up to a point

Some interesting results from a poll conducted jointly by the EU-Russia Centre and the Levada Centre, "Voices from Russia: Society, Democracy, Europe."
  • 75% of Russians consider Russia to be Eurasian (rather than Western or Eastern).
  • 42% of Russians now see Western democracy and culture as either unsuitable (30%) or as positively destructive (12%)--up from 35% in 2000.
  • 15% of Russians see Western European countries as "potential aggressors united by the NATO military bloc" or as "implementers of US policy on the Eurasian continent."
  • 10% of Russians see Western European countries as "centers of cultural and historical values," and 10% of Russians (not necessarily the same 10%) see Russia as Western rather than as Eurasian or Eastern.

The poll covered "a representative profile of the Russian population and socio-demographic mix," among Russians aged over 18 in 130 locations in 46 regions.

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