Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Prince Charles again

I have been asked to announce a new Yahoo group, the Radical Traditionalists of England. This group, previously known as 'The Social Credit League' [?], at present has six members, who

call for the restoration of true monarchy in England. We look to and take inspiration from HRH Prince Charles, a philosopher king in waiting, and support our Prince in his battles with the forces of wrongness. We see him as the natural heir to the Stuart monarchy, a Stuart in spirit and somewhat in blood. And so we wish for the return of the national arrangements in these islands that existed under the Stuarts where England, Scotland and Ireland sat as independent nations with the same King. We are not Catholic revivalists; we welcome Englishmen of all faiths including Muslims, but we are Perennialists and hope for an England returned to spiritual values, a diverse spirituality profound enough to connect through to the primal religion...

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