Saturday, October 25, 2008

Contre le monde moderne

For those who prefer to read in French: Against the Modern World is now available in translation as Contre le monde moderne : Le traditionalisme et l'histoire intellectuelle secrète du XXe siècle, from Dervy.

There is an introduction by Jean-Pierre Brach of the École pratique des Hautes Études, and a postface by Thierry Giaccardi, the translator. A few corrections have been made to the text of the original English edition.

ISBN 978-2-84454-563-3, only €22.00.


Ben Bahr said...

Félicitations M. Sedgwick ! I was waiting for this translation. I can now recommend an extremely interesting book to my french friends.

Take care ! Portez-vous bien !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the French language edition. It must have taken a very high degree of skill to translate your book into French.

My wish would be to see either a high quality paperback edition or...better yet, a second edition.

A paperback edition would help to make Against the Modern World more affordable, both to readers and to libraries.

PS: Must mention that Against the Modern World is one of the few books I have found where even the footnotes are entertaining.

Ive told people that a book that is hated by 50% of the reviewers and loved by 50% of the viewers is worth reading--its a signal that the author has done something right.

Paolo said...
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Mark Sedgwick said...

No Italian translation, I'm afraid.