Friday, October 03, 2008

Dugin's networks

A new book on Dugin: Vladimir Ivanov, Alexander Dugin und die rechtsextremen Netzwerke (Stuttgart: Ibidem 2007, €29,90, ISBN 9783898218047).

I haven't read the book, and were it not for the preface by Andreas Umland (a serious scholar who has followed Dugin closely) I would be tempted not to take what it says is its main thesis very seriously.

The book argues that Dugin can be placed within a network of former Warsaw Pact "crypto-fascist" intelligence officers, themselves networked with colleagues in NATO intelligence services services who included former Nazis adopted by the victorious Western allies after the end of the Second World War.

But whether or not this argument is convincing, the book may still be interesting. Read the English abstract (or, if you know German, read the book itself).


Anonymous said...

I must not understand European graphic/cultural associations at all. What on earth has any of this got to do with van Eyck?

Rodger Cunningham

Anonymous said...

Dugin uses van Eyck in one of his texts to make an example

Lady Mju said...

For just one second I thought this would be a review of Ciaran Carson's Shamrock Tea.

Does Dugin mention this particular painting? In which text?