Monday, April 24, 2017

Bannon and Dugin

Although the Bannon and Evola story seems to have died for a while, the Bannon and Dugin story goes on and on. Among the highlights is a piece in Newsweek on “Alexander Dugin and Steve Bannon’s Ideological Ties to Vladimir Putin’s Russia” on April 17 and now “Russia’s Alt-Right Rasputin Says He’s Steve Bannon’s Ideological Soul Mate” in The Daily Beast on April 24. The summary of this article is:
Alexander Dugin says Trump’s a traitor to the alt-right because of his ‘unforgivable’ attack on Syria, and Putin’s a big disappointment. But Dugin still digs Bannon. 
I wonder whether one day Bannon will go public with his views on Dugin.

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Akira said...

We sort of like Bannon, but there is not a shred of real evidence he has ever even read Dugin, and Bannon's comments about Evola suggest that he knows little about him as well.

Remember that this whole meme came from *one sentence* that would normally be read as an offhand remark, and that doesn't actually demonstrate anything more than that Bannon knows a little bit about the European New Right.